June, 2015

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Beneful Dog Food to Start Supporting Renovations of Dog Park Across the Country in 2015

In 2015, Beneful Dog Food celebrated its fifth anniversary of its Dream Dog Park program by funding and lending their support to various dog projects across the nation. The projects that they cover concern every breed from the smallest Chihuahua to the biggest Great Dane. Starting in June 2015, they will be supporting the renovations of existing dog parks and making new ones a reality.

Since its founding in 2010, the Dream Dog Park Contest has helped to strengthen the lives of various dogs by supporting the construction of entire communities exclusively for dog fanatics. Within the last four years, Beneful has help to transform four dog parks in Alabama, Georgia, Arizona and Pennsylvania. All four parks have their own custom features such as brightly colored splash pads and food ingredient obstacles.

The dog park renovations that are due to start in 2015 will receive needs-based funding, material and educational expertise from the Beneful team. One of the parks that Beneful is leading the makeover of is the Lucas Park Dog Park in St. Louis, Missouri. That particular park will have a dog-friendly turf and one of Beneful’s Doxie tunnels among other additions. Their renovations began in May 2015 and the park is scheduled to re-open in late June 2015.

Why I’m a Devoted Beneful Buyer

Beneful is a Nestle Purina Petcare brand that began in 2001. In 2006 Purina launched their most expensive Beneful advertising campaign to date, which was about $34-million. The company has always tried to be innovative and have fun with the way they attract customers and their pets. In Germany, Beneful street advertisements were made to smell like dog food to attract dogs, in Austria their television commercials had sounds that only dogs would react to, and in New York they had virtual signs that had dogs that humans could play fetch with.

Beneful also hosts their annual “Beneful Dream Dog Park Contest“, which redesigns and cleans up old dilapidated dag parks based on a winning entry’s idea. Beneful has been listed as one of the top five dog food brands and has generated a yearly profit of $1.5 billion since 2012. Its name translates to “full of goodness” which is the driving force behind the company and their policies.

The wet dog food, dry dog food, and dog treats are strictly monitored and regulated to up hold the company’s concern for pet health and wellness. The company’s first premium dog food, Beneful Healthy Harvest, was introduced in June 2005. In the beginning the main ingredient of the Healthy Harvest dog food was soy, but now it includes different types of meat, grains, and vegetables.

This brand has broken off into separate smaller dry dog foods, such as Beneful Healthy Smile and Beneful Healthy Radiance, which focus on a canine’s teeth and coat respectively. The company has produced other dry foods that benefit dogs of different ages, giving them the nutrients that could help them during different times of their life. Beneful’s first wet dog food, Beneful Prepared Meals, hit the markets in March 2006. There were, and still are, eight different flavors, including beef, chicken, and lamb, and were make to resemble a stew with large pieces of all the ingredients.

Since then Beneful has also launched Beneful Medleys and Beneful Chopped Blends, which is meant for smaller dogs that might have trouble eating the bigger pieced meals. The most recent addition to the Beneful line is Beneful Baked Delights which are small treats, usually hard on the outside and soft on the inside. They are one of the company’s most popular products and feature various flavors, including bacon, cheese, peanut better, and beef. There is also Beneful Healthy Smile treats which are designed to clean the tartar from dog’s teeth while also freshening their breath.

Weights in Headphones

When you are looking to purchase a pair of quality headphones you expect those headphones to have some weight to them. When you pick up a pair of headphones and they weigh next to nothing you don’t expect those headphones to work well or give you a good sound experience. Does the weight of headphones determine their quality? Is a heavier set of headphones a better made pair? That might not be the case.

It seems that the headphones that are available in the Beats by Dre series have a secret to them that most don’t know about says Crystal Hunt. It seems that these headphones have a secret to the weight that they hold. Because these headphones cost a pretty high price and weigh a fair amount most believe that they are naturally high in quality. Most think that the weight of headphones determines their quality. With the headphones from Beats by Dre, though, there are actually small weights that are added in solely to make the headphones feel heavier. There are weights added to these headphones that do nothing to affect the quality. Just because headphones have a bit of weight to them does not mean that they will work well and perform better than lighter options.

Gap Is Closing 25% Of Its Full-Price Stores Over The Next Few Years

Gap, the biggest mall clothing store in the United States, plans to close 140 of its stores this year and 175 more within the next few years. That amounts to 25 percent of the stores it currently has in North America.

The company plans to buy out leases rather than wait for them to expire, and it will pay around $40 million to do so. The closures are expected to cost Gap an additional $300 million in the form of money it will lose to competitors in annual sales.

Gap’s CEO, Art Peck, has stated that he would rather lose that money than have Gap stores continue to languish in malls that nobody visits anyway. Although Gap hasn’t announced which stores it will close, the news is yet more proof of the growing division between malls, which are classed in four categories. At the top of the heap are the “A” malls which are patronized by wealthy shoppers and are home to brands like Tiffany & Co. At the bottom are “D” malls, with “D” standing for “dead.” “C” and “D” malls get few visitors and have trouble holding on to retailers.

FreedomPop wrote that Gap, which also owns Banana Republic and Old Navy, had been seeing sales decline for the last 16 months. All of the stores being closed are full-price stores, and Gap is keeping all of its outlets. By the end of the closures, Gap will have 300 outlets and 500 regular stores.

CVS Target

If you shop at Target, then it’s something that you are going to need to be made aware of. Target is making some big changes, and it’s something that shoppers everywhere will notice. The retailer is selling its pharmacy and clinic businesses to CVS Health Corporation for 1.9 billion dollars. Shoppers will still be able to fill their prescriptions as well as get that ever so important flu shot. The deal will be affecting Target’s more than sixteen hundred pharmacies and 80 clinics. CVS is also expected to open up as many as 20 clinics in Target stores in the next few years.

According to Reddit, CVS’s retail presence will be drastically increased. It looks like these big changes are really going to shake things up in the retail world. Target is hoping that by doing this, it will increase focus on wellness. They’re hoping by making this change, more and more people will think that target is in line with making healthy choices. Target is also hoping that these big move will help to drive long term traffic.

Overall, it’s not huge changes that are really going to upset, or excite anyone. It’s just something happening all over, that people should be made aware of so that they don’t freak out when they see the changes. A lot of money is going into this deal, and here’s hoping that both companies see some success out of it. Afterall, CVS has long been popular. Target has long been popular. The two businesses coming together could have all the makings for a dynamic occurrence reports business analysts from Gravity4 on Twitter.

Delighting Your Dog

What’s your dog eating today? If it’s the same, boring bowl of food you’ve always offered, it’s time to consider the exciting, healthy benefits of Beneful. Made by Purina, a brand you can trust, Beneful is designed to provide healthy, quality ingredients in texture-rich recipes that bring dog food to a whole new level. Beneful offers a wide variety of high quality proteins, vitamin-rich vegetables, wholesome grains and antioxidant-rich nutrition and textures to delight your dog.
Purina knows dogs and they developed Beneful to bring out the best in each dog. That’s why they offer Beneful in varieties like Healthy Smile, Healthy Weight, Playful Life and Healthy Growth for Puppies, along with oven-baked healthy snacks and Hearty Roasters, Stews and Medleys in their wet foods. Your dog will thrive with the tastes, textures and nutrients in every bowl.
Not only is Beneful designed to help your dog thrive (Petco), it is also scientifically developed and continually tested to ensure the health and safety of your dog. Purina brings the strength of hundreds of scientists, nutrition specialists and quality assurance experts to their manufacturing process to provide healthy, safe foods for your dog.
We know that wolves in the wild obtain their nutrition from both animals and plants. Research has shown that the right combination of proteins, grains and vegetables provide the optimal nutrition for our dogs. To create a dog food that offers the right nutrients in a blend that’s tasty, easily digestible and healthy all in one bowl is a challenge. Beneful meets that challenge with a large variety of tastes, textures and special benefits to meet the needs of your dog.
When dogs have the proper nutrition and are excited by mealtime, chances are they will be ready to engage in playtime as well. Playing and having fun is an important part of your dog’s health and well-being. Just as having a good time reduces your own stress, the same is true for your dog. You can bring out the best in your dog’s physical and mental health just by including different kinds of play in the daily routine.
Beneful offers the full package of nutrition, tastes and textures to optimize the health of your dog and to provide a delightful mealtime experience. In turn, your dog may delight you with a newly energized personality, ready to have fun and play.

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