QNet Is A Legitimate Company

QNet is a direct selling (DS) multi-level marketing (MLM) business. The company was introduced 13 years ago. It specialize in life enhancement products like wellness and health care items. It also has watches, jewelry, vacation packages and online learning classes. There are 30 brand name products that are divided into 9 categories, and these are quality products and services. The company promotes vegetarianism, and the products have reduced sugar, and it stays away from artificial sweeteners and chemicals. There are over 12 countries that manufacture the quality products for QNet. One of its product lines called Amezcua is of the Harmonized Energy product line.

QNet is a legal company with nothing to hide and is active in more than 100 countries. In a legitimate direct selling business, one joins to get discounts on the items and to use the products. There is also the opportunity to retail the items for an income, and there are rewards for promoting the products. This is the way QNet works. It is a more direct way of getting the products from the producer to the consumer. It is important to know that direct marketing and direct selling are not the same thing. Some are pyramid schemes which only pay out when new people join. These are the fraudulent companies and that is where the bad reviews come from. A legitimate company will have no problem with pyramid schemes being exposed. It will actually help them to direct sell. QNet has persevered and strives to continue to offer the best products and business opportunity available.

QNet is a real business and a self-employment opportunity that is available to all. It is not a get rich quick scheme, and it does take work. It has quality products and services. Direct selling multi-level marketing is a good and option and is here to stay.

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