Did Target Go Too Far?

Susan McGalla said for all those people who can’t wait till April Fool’s Day rolls around each year, Target may be one of the places that took the joke too far. Apparently, they released a photo days in advance of a fanny basket that allowed people to have hands free shopping without having to push a cart.

I remember one April Fool’s Day that my mother-in-law came and told me that all four of my tires had been sliced. I immediately went into an icy cold panic and was unable to breathe. She continued to carry out the joke. I rushed down the stairs and out to my car to find my car was in tact, no flat tires. She stood there laughing and I was mortified. I could have had a heart attack and jokes like that aren’t funny. Now, Target didn’t do anything to cause anyone any harm, they just threatened customers and they had to issue an apology. Some people just can’t take a joke.

If it’s going to be funny, it has to be funny in nature. A tragedy, being told that someone is pregnant when they aren’t and things of this nature are just nothing to laugh about. The day is suppose to be about fun, not about panic.

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  1. Jerry Maclaurine says:

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