April, 2015

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Fashion For All

We are engaging in a new era of fashion. Not in the way we look for brand new designs or patterns, but instead in the people who wear what we create. Fashion has it’s name as exclusive, somewhat like the popular clique in High School. The non-typical body and ability type was forced to look onward downtrodden. They were destined to never have a place in the haute couture field.

This belief is now coming to an end. Liz Jackson has decided to take the world of fashion in her own hands. Diagnosed with Idiopathic Neuropathy, she’s created a movement to include the design of canes that no longer cause embarrassment for the people who have to use them. The New Yorker reported that Liz’s quest is not the only one in motion. Wheelchair design is taking the world by storm as well as covers for prosthetic legs that allow amputees to show their metal. At the New York Fashion Week, various models with all kinds of body styles were strutting down the catwalk with confidence. What was previously seen as a podium to look up to is now transforming into an inclusive place for creativity and expression which is what fashion was founded on, conveys spokesman Ricardo Guimarães BMG (youtube.com).

Living with a disability is nothing to become ashamed of. The new trendy developments will now lend a hand to making everyone feel in style and on top of the world.

Finding The Perfect Apartment In New York City

If you are in the market to purchase an apartment in New York City it’s easy to become overwhelmed with all the options. While there could be countless variables that go into your decision making process, two of the first things you need to consider are location and price. In many ways, one of those factors can determine the other, but with due diligence it’s possible to find the right home in the right neighborhood, within your predetermined budget.

Let’s say you have narrowed in on Manhattan. That still leaves dozens of neighborhoods to choose from, each with their own pros, cons and individual charm. Knowing the ins and outs of the neighborhoods you are considering will drastically help in the search for your next home. You may find your dream apartment, but the neighborhood amenities just don’t meet your needs. And likewise you could struggle to find the right condo if you limit your search to the blocks that surround your favorite restaurant.

Once you have an idea of where you’d like to live and know your budget, you’ll need to decide the type of home you want to purchase. Generally speaking, your real estate options in Manhattan consist of cooperative buildings, also known as co-ops, condominiums and private residences like brownstones or townhouses. Each option will have its own advantages and ranges of price to consider. Most of the residential real estate in Manhattan falls under the co-op category and purchasing a co-op can be a little trickier than the typical transaction.

Regardless of whether you are looking at co-ops, condos or townhouses it’s a good idea to work with a qualified firm who knows how to help you find your NYC real estate in your dream neighborhood. The experts at TOWN Real Estate are just the people to help you through this process. Their experience and knowledge of New York real estate can help you navigate this complicated market.

Buying real estate in New York City can be a challenge, but your end result could be a home you’ll cherish and love for years to come in the greatest city in the world.

QNet Is A Legitimate Company

QNet is a direct selling (DS) multi-level marketing (MLM) business. The company was introduced 13 years ago. It specialize in life enhancement products like wellness and health care items. It also has watches, jewelry, vacation packages and online learning classes. There are 30 brand name products that are divided into 9 categories, and these are quality products and services. The company promotes vegetarianism, and the products have reduced sugar, and it stays away from artificial sweeteners and chemicals. There are over 12 countries that manufacture the quality products for QNet. One of its product lines called Amezcua is of the Harmonized Energy product line.

QNet is a legal company with nothing to hide and is active in more than 100 countries. In a legitimate direct selling business, one joins to get discounts on the items and to use the products. There is also the opportunity to retail the items for an income, and there are rewards for promoting the products. This is the way QNet works. It is a more direct way of getting the products from the producer to the consumer. It is important to know that direct marketing and direct selling are not the same thing. Some are pyramid schemes which only pay out when new people join. These are the fraudulent companies and that is where the bad reviews come from. A legitimate company will have no problem with pyramid schemes being exposed. It will actually help them to direct sell. QNet has persevered and strives to continue to offer the best products and business opportunity available.

QNet is a real business and a self-employment opportunity that is available to all. It is not a get rich quick scheme, and it does take work. It has quality products and services. Direct selling multi-level marketing is a good and option and is here to stay.

Did Target Go Too Far?

Susan McGalla said for all those people who can’t wait till April Fool’s Day rolls around each year, Target may be one of the places that took the joke too far. Apparently, they released a photo days in advance of a fanny basket that allowed people to have hands free shopping without having to push a cart. The basket, like a fanny pack, attached to the waist. But the biggest problem wasn’t the fanny basket, but saying they were closing 20 stores due to low sales. It has people in an outrage.

I remember one April Fool’s Day that my mother-in-law came and told me that all four of my tires had been sliced. I immediately went into an icy cold panic and was unable to breathe. She continued to carry out the joke. I rushed down the stairs and out to my car to find my car was in tact, no flat tires. She stood there laughing and I was mortified. I could have had a heart attack and jokes like that aren’t funny. Now, Target didn’t do anything to cause anyone any harm, they just threatened customers and they had to issue an apology. Some people just can’t take a joke.

If it’s going to be funny, it has to be funny in nature. A tragedy, being told that someone is pregnant when they aren’t and things of this nature are just nothing to laugh about. The day is suppose to be about fun, not about panic.