T.J. Maxx pulls offensive “Hang Loose” Shirt

After a shopper tweeted a screen printed illustration of a noose on a T.J. Maxx shirt, social media caused an uproar screaming Foul, which has led to the popular retailer pulling those t-shirts off store shelves.

T-shirt envisioner,Tavik quickly apologized and T.J. Maxx decided to pull the offending item.

T.J. Maxx spokeswoman Doreen Thompson said as soon as they became aware of the offensive message, they immediately instructed stores to pull the product, any they followed up with an apology to customers.

There isn’t the first controversial product.

WalMart sold plus sized costumes labelled “fat girl costumes.

Urban Outfitters “stepped in it” several timess by displaying a illustrated blood-spattered Kent State sweatshirt, a tapestry that resembled prison uniforms, and other ill-fated inappropriate wear.

Although Tavik pulled the shirt, the Twitter community remained skeptical of the apology.

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