Amazon Home Services Makes Its Debut

There can be little argument that Amazon has come a long way from being an online bookstore as you can tell from a Wikipedia search. With thousands of products available, the website has managed to creep into the daily life of users across the world. Now offering downloads, video streaming services, just about any product imaginable (including books), the company is now unleashing a powerful new tool that will drive it further into the homes of users across the country.

According to The Verge, Amazon Home Services has been launched to provide shoppers access to anything from putting that latest purchase together to a house cleaning service. Yes, it seems that Amazon is now helping services connect with the massive amount of customers that search for items on a daily basis. If successful, the venture could actually help the company and small businesses as well.

With 700 different services to choose from, Amazon Home Services seems like a great way for companies to get noticed by selling their labor. Plus, getting a stamp of approval from the millions of Amazon customers could go a long way in simplifying the marketing of any type of installation professional, repair company, or cleaning service. In short, Amazon is performing a nice service by selling a product and the means to utilize it as well. The amount of available services is only going to grow every month, and Amazon is getting the ball rolling on the competition—again.

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