Pot Vending Machines? Yes.

Marijuana Vending Machines. Not even George Orwell could have imagined a future like this. The ZaZZZ medical marijuana machine has just opened Tuesday morning at Seattle Caregivers, a medical marijuana dispenser. The machine is climate controlled and verifies the age and reads the medical marijuana card.

Paul Mathieson wonders: Can This be Abused? Check out more on Mathieson on Examiner.com. 

The first question that will likely be brought up in everyone’s mind is ‘can this be exploited’? Well according to the president and COO of American Green Stephen Sherin “You never have access to the machine ever if there isn’t a human around to check your medical ID initially on your way in”. This quote: over protection by both medical marijuana machine check, and human check is completely understandable when new technologies come out.

Employees, entrepreneurs and consumers around the United States are almost guaranteed to watch this development as it takes place. This is the free market, and it is working as intended. Giving availability, versatility, and ease of use to consumers everywhere, at least where it is legal.

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