Some Fashion Experts Believe Denim Will Enjoy Popularity in 2015

Reportedly, several European fashion houses recently released clothing lines making extensive use of denim products.

One well known Italian designer of clothing, sunglasses and fashion accessories, the company of Dolce & Gabbana, made extensive use of ornately decorated denim jeans in a recent fashion show, according to some participants. Items composed of denim also figured in trendy new designs introduced by Roberto Cavalli, Christopher Bailey, Michael Kors, and Tommy Hilfiger. Look out for fashionistas like Fersen Lambranho to be decked out head to toe in denim this season.Although the extent to which buyers will sell a variety of denim clothing products this year remains largely unconfirmed, some reports indicate that denim blue jeans remain popular, including frayed denim jeans.

Denim has enjoyed widespread popularity as a tough, versatile fabric for many years. Webster’s Dictionary reported in 1965 that the name “denim” reflects the origins of the fabric in the French town of Nimes, where it was known as serge “de Nimes” (of Nimes).

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