How To Use The Skout App, As Well As The Skout Website

Many people may be confused as to how to use Skout, especially if they are new to the network. Skout is similar to many other social media networks, and the basics are the same. On Skout, a profile and account must first be set up, in order to be able to use the network.  Most people tend to use the Skout app too, whether they choose the iPhone version or download Skout on Android. The profile can be set up to the standards of the user, and the user can choose to add a picture if they want to. No user is required to add a picture, in order to use the Skout network. A picture is encouraged, as other users prefer to see picture profiles.

Once a profile is created, the user can begin a search to look for others to talk to. The search can be specified to the user’s taste, and the user can choose the certain features they want in a person they are looking for. Whether a person is looking for a friend on Skout, or a possible relationship, either way, the search can be narrowed to suit the user. The user can also choose to search in their specific area, or other areas across their country or across the world. Skout has users from many different countries on its network.

If the user is uncertain where they’d like to find someone to chat to, there are other things they can do, in order to find people to talk to. The “shake to talk” feature is a very popular one on Skout. The feature allows the user to shake their mobile device, in order to have a person to chat to; come up on their screen. The user can then choose to chat to the person they see, or shake the device again to get another potential chat buddy.

The points allow a user to open up features on the network, such as mass greetings, virtual gifts, and it allows the user to see who’s been searching for them. If the user is also curious as to who has added them as a favorite to their list, the Skout points can also purchase this information. Once the user is comfortable with Skout, they’ll see why the network is extremely popular, and has over 100 million users.

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