How Product Recognition Helps Businesses And Consumers

Slyce provides product recognition services to retailers across the country. The software displays photos of different products on mobile phones, which can be directed to an inventory that has the same or similar items. Within the last few months, Slyce has gain traction quickly by implementing a variety of mobile apps for many top retailers and publishers in American.

Why Companies Use Product Recognition Apps

According to research, image recognition will have a great impact on future sales. Store-based technologies, smart gadgets, interactive television, and image recognition all play a part in remolding the retail industry.

Slyce’s product recognition app helps users identify consumers based on their specific attributes. The big advantage to using the technology is that it helps customers interact with different products more easily. This is possible because the apps make the retail experience more personalized. They also increase overall safety during online transactions.

Another benefit is that customers can point their devices at products to do a visual search. The technology then scans and finds products quickly and easily after a device captures images from billboards or magazines.

Companies That Use The Technology

Ebay has used the software specifically with their eBay Motors and eBay Fashion apps. After a user uploads an image to the fashion app, the software will recommend items that feature similar fabrics, styles, and colors.

Amazon currently uses product recognition technology in an iPhone mobile app. The software lets users find and buy different foods without typing the names of the products.

The technology that Target uses is called In a Snap. Ipod, iPad, and iPhone users use the software to find products from printed ads and magazine pages. Once a picture of a product is taken with a camera, the app sends the user to a product page in Target’s online store. Target designed the app specifically for digital-savvy shoppers. Many consumers use the app because it helps them build shopping lists after they browse through Target catalogs and ad pages. According to Target, experts will review feedback from users so that they can add better features to the app in the future.

Overall, product recognition technology is valuable to consumers and businesses. Most companies use Slyce technologies because Slyce is a leading company in the field.

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