About Doctor Rod Rohrich – Brilliant Plastic Surgeon and a Great Academic Contributor

Fashion is moving to a more cohesive work focusing on natural beauty and many people want to enhance their natural beauty but it is important to first find a qualified surgeon.

Currently 61 years old, Doctor Rod Rohrich is a well known doctor in the field of plastic surgery specializing in the sub fields of plastic reconstruction surgery and plastic cosmetic surgery. Although the field that he has chosen for himself is quiet selective in itself, yet he is a much down to earth person with great regard to the patients that he has had during his career and those that are being treated by him presently. He has been appointed as the chairman in the department of plastic surgery in the University Of Texas Southwestern Medical Center where he is still performing his duties as the chairman and as a teacher at the rank of a professor.

He was born and brought up on a ranch and he got his early education in North Dakota and got his medical degree from the University of the North Dakota. He also went to the Baylor College of Medicine and for that matter he also attended Oxford University to receive his degree in pediatric plastic surgery. He has chaired at least 100 symposia and during his career and has presented 900 lectures on diverse platforms through his career across the world. His students depict quality and rightly so, since he is known to take keen interest in the teaching of his pupils.

Apart from his personal achievements he has been busy in making the world of plastic surgery whole lot better through contributing in the regulation and safety of plastic surgeries. He has also contributed in the text that is widely taught to the students of plastic surgery world over by writing four books as whole and another thirty chapters written in several other books authored by others. A great thing about him is that even though there is a lot of fame and popularity that follows him everywhere he goes, he still does not find it right to cash it, rather he is very lenient when it comes to monetizing through his profession and shows great affection and responsibility towards his patients that are now no less than thousands. He has treated hundreds of patients who received facial injuries resulting from accidents and saved them from lifelong facial scars.

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