January, 2015

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About Doctor Rod Rohrich – Brilliant Plastic Surgeon and a Great Academic Contributor

Fashion is moving to a more cohesive work focusing on natural beauty and many people want to enhance their natural beauty but it is important to first find a qualified surgeon.

Currently 61 years old, Doctor Rod Rohrich is a well known doctor in the field of plastic surgery specializing in the sub fields of plastic reconstruction surgery and plastic cosmetic surgery. Although the field that he has chosen for himself is quiet selective in itself, yet he is a much down to earth person with great regard to the patients that he has had during his career and those that are being treated by him presently. He has been appointed as the chairman in the department of plastic surgery in the University Of Texas Southwestern Medical Center where he is still performing his duties as the chairman and as a teacher at the rank of a professor.

He was born and brought up on a ranch and he got his early education in North Dakota and got his medical degree from the University of the North Dakota. He also went to the Baylor College of Medicine and for that matter he also attended Oxford University to receive his degree in pediatric plastic surgery. He has chaired at least 100 symposia and during his career and has presented 900 lectures on diverse platforms through his career across the world. His students depict quality and rightly so, since he is known to take keen interest in the teaching of his pupils.

Apart from his personal achievements he has been busy in making the world of plastic surgery whole lot better through contributing in the regulation and safety of plastic surgeries. He has also contributed in the text that is widely taught to the students of plastic surgery world over by writing four books as whole and another thirty chapters written in several other books authored by others. A great thing about him is that even though there is a lot of fame and popularity that follows him everywhere he goes, he still does not find it right to cash it, rather he is very lenient when it comes to monetizing through his profession and shows great affection and responsibility towards his patients that are now no less than thousands. He has treated hundreds of patients who received facial injuries resulting from accidents and saved them from lifelong facial scars.

Do We Still Care About What’s In Vogue?

Thanks to Instagram and your favorite fashion bloggers on YouTube, there is nothing called “trending” anymore.Fashion trends are nearing extinction and have been going on this path for some time. However, for people who need some help with fashion, this news doesn’t help much. What do you do when fashion trends are actually out of fashion? Read on to know more –

• Stop Body Typing Yourself – The media is full of articles about fat shaming and body shaming. You don’t need a pep talk to love your body type. Whether you have a thigh gap or love handles, all that matters is your comfort. So, stop obsessing about how fat or skinny your legs look and wear what catches your eye. If it makes you happy, it would definitely look good on you.

• Don’t Dress For Others –Fersen Lambranho understands this goes for both men and women. Men who utter things like “I don’t like women wearing short skirts” and women who say things like “men in sandals turn me off” would soon be as extinct as fashion trends.

• Instagram Your Way to Victory – The search feature of Instagram is pretty neat and you can easily find something to inspire you. Don’t ignore discount stores when you shop. You can find the most unexpected things there.


Smartwatches: Comparisons and Highlights

The smartwatches are beginning to draw much attention. Some feel the need to complement their smartphones and choose the same manufacturer in order to have easier access to phone calls. I’m thinking buying Igor Cornelsen one of these.

Others, quite to the contrary, give a try to some less complicated items from less popular manufacturers and aim at the simplicity. Many of these devices opt to pay more attention to such factors as aesthetic quality, where smartphones can become more of a fashion statement.

A researcher in the field said that he went around trying on and comparing wearables in one day, highlighting the ones that left the strongest impressions.

Fitbit Charge impressed with the natural feeling band, and that can be a great advantage being given that the smartwatches are to be worn for hours.

It is like you are wearing your smartphone on the wrist, but the researcher is not sure that he wants to be that available. The business people who simply cannot miss a text message or a call, will enjoy the invention.

Apple beats everyone with style and features integrated in a smartwatch. There is a seizure detector integrated in it too. The question is, will it share the popularity of the Apple phones?

Some Fashion Experts Believe Denim Will Enjoy Popularity in 2015

Reportedly, several European fashion houses recently released clothing lines making extensive use of denim products.

One well known Italian designer of clothing, sunglasses and fashion accessories, the company of Dolce & Gabbana, made extensive use of ornately decorated denim jeans in a recent fashion show, according to some participants. Items composed of denim also figured in trendy new designs introduced by Roberto Cavalli, Christopher Bailey, Michael Kors, and Tommy Hilfiger. Look out for fashionistas like Fersen Lambranho to be decked out head to toe in denim this season.Although the extent to which buyers will sell a variety of denim clothing products this year remains largely unconfirmed, some reports indicate that denim blue jeans remain popular, including frayed denim jeans.

Denim has enjoyed widespread popularity as a tough, versatile fabric for many years. Webster’s Dictionary reported in 1965 that the name “denim” reflects the origins of the fabric in the French town of Nimes, where it was known as serge “de Nimes” (of Nimes).

How To Use The Skout App, As Well As The Skout Website

Many people may be confused as to how to use Skout, especially if they are new to the network. Skout is similar to many other social media networks, and the basics are the same. On Skout, a profile and account must first be set up, in order to be able to use the network.  Most people tend to use the Skout app too, whether they choose the iPhone version or download Skout on Android. The profile can be set up to the standards of the user, and the user can choose to add a picture if they want to. No user is required to add a picture, in order to use the Skout network. A picture is encouraged, as other users prefer to see picture profiles.

Once a profile is created, the user can begin a search to look for others to talk to. The search can be specified to the user’s taste, and the user can choose the certain features they want in a person they are looking for. Whether a person is looking for a friend on Skout, or a possible relationship, either way, the search can be narrowed to suit the user. The user can also choose to search in their specific area, or other areas across their country or across the world. Skout has users from many different countries on its network.

If the user is uncertain where they’d like to find someone to chat to, there are other things they can do, in order to find people to talk to. The “shake to talk” feature is a very popular one on Skout. The feature allows the user to shake their mobile device, in order to have a person to chat to; come up on their screen. The user can then choose to chat to the person they see, or shake the device again to get another potential chat buddy.

The points allow a user to open up features on the network, such as mass greetings, virtual gifts, and it allows the user to see who’s been searching for them. If the user is also curious as to who has added them as a favorite to their list, the Skout points can also purchase this information. Once the user is comfortable with Skout, they’ll see why the network is extremely popular, and has over 100 million users.

How Product Recognition Helps Businesses And Consumers

Slyce provides product recognition services to retailers across the country. The software displays photos of different products on mobile phones, which can be directed to an inventory that has the same or similar items. Within the last few months, Slyce has gain traction quickly by implementing a variety of mobile apps for many top retailers and publishers in American.

Why Companies Use Product Recognition Apps

According to research, image recognition will have a great impact on future sales. Store-based technologies, smart gadgets, interactive television, and image recognition all play a part in remolding the retail industry.

Slyce’s product recognition app helps users identify consumers based on their specific attributes. The big advantage to using the technology is that it helps customers interact with different products more easily. This is possible because the apps make the retail experience more personalized. They also increase overall safety during online transactions.

Another benefit is that customers can point their devices at products to do a visual search. The technology then scans and finds products quickly and easily after a device captures images from billboards or magazines.

Companies That Use The Technology

Ebay has used the software specifically with their eBay Motors and eBay Fashion apps. After a user uploads an image to the fashion app, the software will recommend items that feature similar fabrics, styles, and colors.

Amazon currently uses product recognition technology in an iPhone mobile app. The software lets users find and buy different foods without typing the names of the products.

The technology that Target uses is called In a Snap. Ipod, iPad, and iPhone users use the software to find products from printed ads and magazine pages. Once a picture of a product is taken with a camera, the app sends the user to a product page in Target’s online store. Target designed the app specifically for digital-savvy shoppers. Many consumers use the app because it helps them build shopping lists after they browse through Target catalogs and ad pages. According to Target, experts will review feedback from users so that they can add better features to the app in the future.

Overall, product recognition technology is valuable to consumers and businesses. Most companies use Slyce technologies because Slyce is a leading company in the field.