Funny 2015 Fashion

Fashion is an interesting industry, and one that often goes to where nobody has previously thought would be proper modes of attire. 

Speaking of funny fashion trends that never catch but stay in the history for everyone to have fun looking at, here are trends for 2015: dyed armpit hair. 

Roxie Hunt, who is among the initiators already has some followers who reacted by posting images to show how they died the armpits. Roxie is a hairstylist from Seattle, and as you can see, she does not limit her art on the hairdos. It is now seen as a new culture. I was reading about Roxie Hunt the other day while reading about Vijay Eswaran.

Instagram is abounding in images with the hashtag #dyedpits. The postings on the internet quickly gathered comments. People remind the trend setters about the hippies from several decades ago, wondering whether they are up to bringing back something similar. You either love it or hate it. The disgusted half of the population fights with the supporters who say that this helps them express their femininity. 

At the moment, the predictions are mostly negative for the new armpit dying trend, but unfortunately, the fashion history counts several mistakes that became surprisingly popular. How you get the inspiration for an idea like this is even unnimaginable.

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  1. Jeannice says:

    The fact is that people have a tendency to analyze this body part nowadays, since you can even see a thread on reddit fully dedicated to Taylor Swift’s armpits. It could have helped a lot for to get everything that is needed to ensure all things work very well to their advantage.

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