FreedomPop Winning Fans with Free Home Internet Service

Free home internet service is not a silly dream. In fact, one company in particular is taking the concept and running with it. FreedomPop is aiming to make expensive DSL and cable internet plans a thing of the past, and the company is accomplishing this task at a rate that is turning heads and making waves in the tech industry publications, Engadget and TechCrunch.

By taking advantage of existing 4G and LTE broadband networks already in existence, FreedomPop is able to offer up home internet connections utilizing those networks. By purchasing one of their branded devices like the Freedom Spot Photon, customers can get unfiltered access to the internet with no cost.

Offering up the monthly plans with no contract is another major advantage for FreedomPop, because it allows users the freedom to decide if access is needed from month to month. In addition, the company offers a number of portable devices so that users can take their internet connection on the go, which is an advantage the majority of DSL and cable service subscribers simply do not have. In addition, many plans allow users to roll over unused data to the next month, which makes it possible to never have to pay for an internet connection again. It’s easy to see why FreedomPop is gaining traction as a serious low or no cost option to traditional internet service providers.

Of course, FreedomPop is much more than home internet as well. The company also offers the possibility of free smartphone plans, and even sells a variety of Samsung Galaxy devices for use on the free of charge plans. Again the company offers a certain level of service for free and then tiny charges for each additional overage. The charges are reasonable and the supported devices is massive, which means just about anyone locked into a contract with traditional carriers is missing out. The company recently announced their own line of smartphones, making it easy for those without a carrier too.

The appeal of FreedomPop as an internet provider is only going to continue to heat up. Word tends to spread quickly about great service, and this is one company that is winning fans for great service and an innovative approach. By leveraging itself with a mission to provide free internet service for Americans, the company is turning competitors on their heads and watching the line of customers grow. In the quest to save money, FreedomPop is proving to a major asset for users across the country.

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