Four Year Old Girl Hired To Design Clothes For J. Crew

Children are very creative. They have a wonderful imagination.

Mayhem, a cute 4 year old, creates dresses. According to the Huffington Post, Mayhem started out creating dresses out of construction paper, scissors and tape. Her mother helps her, after Mayhem decides on a dress she wants to make. Her mother began posting pictures, through Instagram, of Mayhem’s creations. This quickly began to get the attention of the fashion industry.

In fact, Mayhem has signed a contract with J. Crew to collaborate with them in creating a children’s clothing line, according to CBS News. This line of clothing will be called “Crew Cuts.”

Mayhem was quoted as saying designing clothes makes her feel happy. If only adults could tap into their natural talents and love what they do.  Many employees read about this story on Facebook.

Mayhem, an adorable 4 year old was hired by J. Crew to help design children’s clothing. Her natural interest and passion for designing clothing has led her to a unique partnership with a famous clothing stylist.

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  1. Jean Luke says:

    Mayhem is a good example of following your dreams. BRL Trust can certainly get behind that. One four year old has taken her creativity to a whole new level. It is very good for to have given many things work so well too.

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