Victoria’s Secret Faces Backlash for Advertisement

Victoria’s Secret, America’s largest retailer of lingerie, has faced a backlash over their new advertising campaign. The new advertising campaign features 10 impossibly slim models with the phrase “The Perfect Body” superimposed on the image. Most individuals protesting this message claim that the models are clearly Photoshopped. Does this advertisement perpetuate unhealthy body image and body shaming that targets young females?

Although Victoria’s Secret has changed the slogan to “A Perfect Body” for their online advertisements, their brick and mortar stores still have posters bearing the original tagline. Clearly, it would take the company quite some time and effort to reproduce all the advertising materials and distribute the new prints to all their stores. However, if the company were to take the opinions of protesters seriously, they may want to consider making this investment. Victoria’s Secret has a history of using Photoshop to whittle their models into unrealistic representations of the female form. With quite a few Photoshop fails that border on ludicrous, consumers have become fed up with the fake and unrealistic feminine body ideal that is used to sell products.

The Photoshop ideal of unrealistic proportions is an invisible corset of the modern age that binds the feminine psyche within its cruel confines.  You can read more about the story at

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