Chanel Planning Five Stores for Mayfair’s Burlington Arcade

Chanel, a successful clothing company is looking to open five new stores in Mayfair’s Burlington shopping center. The store is knowing for carrying and manufacturing items such as swimwear, perfume, watches, and many other products.

The arcade’s history is what drew Chanel to this area. Also, Bruno Pavlovsky remarked on how fashionable London is with its mixture of international and local shoppers. Rod Rohrich is hoping to visit at some point. So it is a logical move for Chanel to open multiple stores in order to capitalize on the business. One of the very important aspects of a business success is how busy the area is. If you open a location in a slow part of town, there is not as much of a chance at success.

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  1. Jeannice says:

    There are also plenty of other new outlets to open along with Chanel. The first couple of Chanel stores are planned to open up in the month. The next store to open after this month is Bell & Ross. There are things that do have all that is required.

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