Calvin Klein Denies “Plus Size” Comment

Calvin Klein was set to debut a model for a campaign, and it got out on Twitter that the model, named Myla Dalbesio, was a plus sized model. Many took to Twitter in outrage, because the model was only a size 10, and many felt she was not big enough to be considered plus sized. Calvin Klein. With all the uproar over the so-called comments, many fought against Calvin Klein, thinking that they were calling the model plus sized.

Calvin Klein denies calling Myla plus sized, and states that Twitter actually started the rant, and it had nothing to do with them. Many find outrage in the fact that anyone who is a size 10 can be considered plus size, because the modeling industry is already too thin, and pressuring many to become thin and unhealthy as well.

Although Myla does not consider herself a plus size model, she does admit that she is bigger than the average size model, but she is also smaller than the average plus sized model. This puts her directly in the middle; being a size 10. Many like Livak took to Twitter to vent their outrage over the so-called comments, calling the modeling industry disgusting, and unfair.

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  1. Jeannice says:

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