Unroll.me Providing Email Security While Watching Industry Trends

Does looking through your email, require you to first clean it up. Deleting all types of emails coming from strange offers? Do you first have to block and spam a hand full of emails due to unwanted lewd language. Are businesses trying to contact you, even though you’ve explained that you were not interested. Or perhaps you were interested in a product during a particular time period. However, you’re not anymore, but apparently quite a few companies think that you are. Unroll.me, is a company dedicated to helping you control what is flowing through your inbox. With Unroll.me you are able to unsubscribe through dozens of annoying emails all at once.

Le’s be honest, a cluttered inbox can actually make you miss an important email, that you’ve been waiting for. It can also distract you and cause you to email someone the wrong message. Unroll.me also keeps your inbox safe. Sensitive data that may be flowing through your inbox is kept safe and secure. Unroll.me systematically encrypts all proprietary information, keeping it safe from prying eyes. Unroll.me consistently scan, monitor and test for system weakness, ensuring email security.

Unroll.me is so serious about email security for it’s employees have limited access, along with constant privacy and security training. Unroll.me’s major task is security and convenience. For example, travel reservation or anything related to booking is strongly protected by Unroll.me and for good reason. Along with email subscriptions, purchase receipts,online shipping returns and shipping confirmations.

Unroll.me is owned by Rakuten Intelligence. Rakuten Intelligence is a marketing research organization, that gives businesses information concerning corporate performance, industry trends, etc. The company is able to discuss with other businesses what is trending or what is popular at the moment. This information help corporations come up with ideas that will better suit the market/customer. Unroll.me is tool that will be leading the market place in the future, by securing your emails and helping companies become more competitive.


Heather Parry’s Work On A Star Is Born And Believer

Heather Parry is the leader of Live Nation Productions, and she is behind the new hits A Star Is Born and Believer. The company that she has built has become one of the tastemakers in Hollywood, and she has done an incredible job of making sure that she makes movies that she to the hearts of the people. Look at what her work has been able to do over a very short period of time.

  1. A Star Is Born

Heather Parry was able to get Lady Gaga into A Star Is Born, and she effectively made Gaga into a movie star overnight. She indulged her in her desire to do as much work behind the camera as she could, and she will likely support more female stars in the future. This is a good precedent for her to set, and she has made it possible for Lady Gaga to prove to the public that she is more than a singer with a poker face.

  1. The Awards

Heather Parry’s company is piling up awards from A Star Is Born, and she is gaining respect in Hollywood as she makes movies that people truly want to see. The awards that her company wins are a testament to her hard work.

  1. Believer

She is also the production force behind the new hit Believer. Heather wants to tell stories that have a human element to them, and she is making it possible for directors to tell stories that might not have been possible in the past.

  1. Conclusion

Heather Parry is a big deal in Hollywood because she is giving alternative artists and actors a chance in the movies. She is helping tell stories that jump off the screen and speak to people about their own lives and things they have gone through.

Jojo Hedaya Advises Others to Do What They Love but Make a Plan

Startups often fail, this is a simple fact of life. If an idea doesn’t take off quickly, chances are it’s not going to. Therefore, before you begin make sure that you have a good plan, and understand your goal. This is the advice that Jojo Hedaya, and his partner Josh Rosenwald have for others who wish to follow in their footsteps.

Jojo and Josh are the creators of the immensely popular unroll.me. The two met by chance in Israel, even though they were both from New York. In Israel, they also found out that they didn’t just share the same hometown, but also the same date of birth and a friendship was born. Not only a friendship, but a business partnership as well.

This partnership almost didn’t get off the ground due to a problem that many of us have. That problem is too many emails. The important stuff gets lost amid the junk mails, and subscriptions that we may have thought were a good idea at the time, but then later found them to be a nuisance. You can end up with thousands of emails in a short period of time. Truthfully, that’s a lot to sift through.

This is where the idea for Unroll.me came from. Jojo and his partner came up with this email service that helps you get all of your subscription emails in one convenient email that is sent to you at the time that is most convenient for you. Instead of 100 different emails, you will get one. This way you’re less likely to miss important work or personal emails.

If, as you go over your one email from Unroll.me, you decide that you no longer want to be subscribed to something, you click a button, and you’ll automatically be unsubscribed.

The service gained attention immediately. When asked what sets their service apart from others, the co-founders state that simplicity is the key. It’s super easy to use their service. That along with the fact that they’re doing something they love has set them up for success.


Rebel Wilson Brings the Laughs in Isn’t It Romantic

Isn’t It Romantic is ready to capture your attention and make you laugh like you never have before; it stars Rebel Wilson, after all. 2019’s Isn’t It Romantic is directed by Todd Strauss-Schulson and follows the adventures of Natalie, an Australian architect now living in New York City.

Natalie, played by Rebel Wilson, isn’t a big fan of romantic comedies. In fact, her cynicism towards most other people leaves one questioning whether or not she even likes people at all. Learn more about Rebel Wilson: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/isnt-it-romantic-trailer-rebel-wilson-stars-rom-spoof-1156788

After some unfortunate events in the subway system, Natalie gets knocked out. She awakes in a world where everything fits the mold of a traditional rom com. Determined not to be perpetually stuck in all of the generic pressures a romantic comedy has to offer, Natalie does her best to escape all of the cliches of her new reality. Read more: Pitch Perfect 4 | Vanity Fair

If you are new to the genre or find yourself ill-hearted towards it, Rebel Wilson’s portrayal of Natalie should be reason enough for you to take a chance on the subject. Rebel is smart, brilliant, and funny as ever. It doesn’t take long for her to get the audience laughing until they nearly choke. Her characters are often rowdy, boisterous, and the center of attention, but Rebel hasn’t always been that way in her private life.

Born in Sydney, Australia on March 2, 1980 to parents who work as Beagle-breeders, Rebel remembers being shy growing up. She felt socially awkward and stuck in a shell. One afternoon her mother surprised Rebel with a trip to a community acting class for kids; Rebel was so shy upon arrival that she held on to the car door in protest as her mother pulled her out. This and a positive experience with a high school drama teacher played a role in shaping the actress.

She attended an all girls high-school in Australia, where students were encouraged to follow their dreams and chase their passions. It was here where she would meet high school drama teacher, Mrs. Bowmaker. Mrs. Bowmaker would encourage Rebel to explore herself creativity and to enter competitions featuring improvisational and performance skills. This certainly led Rebel to leave her shell and explore acting.

Rebel found success in acting in her home country but the United States came calling.

She moved to California in 2010 at the age of 30.

Her hard work and dedication has paid off. Her first big role came in 2011 with Bridesmaids. She has done nothing but continue to star in memorable roles in prominent Hollywood movies such as Pitch Perfect to Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb.

Isn’t It Romantic is set to debut on Valentine’s Day in the United States. The movie is another in the long collection of memorable movies to feature the relentlessly talented actress. Ms. Wilson has a bright future ahead of her if she continues at this rate, and she can look at her past as the building blocks that shaped the genius that is her.

A Summary of Talos Energy Incorporation

Talos Energy Incorporation is headquartered in Houston, Texas. The oil and gas company was established in 2012, by Timothy Duncan, a professional business administrator with over ten years of managerial experience.

Talos cooperates with a team of scientists and technicians who are dedicated to acquiring and exploiting under-valued and under-exploited natural resources in the Gulf of Mexico, and South Louisiana.

The company uses cutting-edge technology, and modern geophysical data to evaluate and extract value from the neglected natural resources. Over the years, Talos Energy has become a champion in offshore oil drilling and exploration.

Also, the independent oil and gas company funds third-party companies, which require capital to execute exploration drilling programs, as well as produce oil and gas for global energy needs. Some of the companies, which Talos Energy has recently acquired, include Whistler Energy and Stone Energy.

Who are the brains behind the success of Talos Energy? The oil and gas company runs under the management of an able team of executives with decades of experience. Some of the key figures that make up Talos’ team of administrators are:

  1. Timothy S. Duncan

Timothy S. Duncan is the company’s founding chief executive officer. Before co-founding Talos, Tim worked as a senior administrator at Phoenix Exploration Company, Gryphon Exploration Company, Zilkha Energy Company, and Amerada Hess Corporation. He has a master’s in Business Administration and a bachelor’s in Petroleum Engineering.

  1. Gregory A. Beard

Mr. Beard serves in Talos’ investment officer. He oversees Talos’ natural- resources related investments. He has two decades of industry experience in the world’s Finance and natural resources sector. Before joining Talos Energy, Gregory Beard worked at Goldman Sachs, CSV Midstream, and Pinnacle Agriculture Holdings.

  1. Christine Hommes

Christine Hommes is a trained economist and systems engineer. Before joining Talos Energy, Ms. Hommes worked as an investment officer at First Reserve, a financial expert at UBS, and a board member at Chisholm Oil and Gas.

  1. Robert M. Tichio

Mr. Tichio serves as Talos’ board member. Previously, Talos worked as an investment officer of Goldman Sachs, and a senior administrator at EP Energy Corporation, and Northern Blizzard Resources. He has a master’s degree from Harvard Business School.

His Facebook page 

Sunday Riley Review

Sunday Riley is the new skincare brand taking the nation by storm. Millions of women search every day for that magical product that is going to erase the evidence of aging on their skin, the face and neck skin in particular. However, even though we hear about the importance of ingredients like Retinol, many women are intimidated by the “clinical” looking products because they are not confident in how and when to use them.

The Sunday Riley skincare brand gives women the exact skincare product they need, but it takes all of the intimidation factors out of the picture. They have done this by changing the way product looks, the name, color, and directions. These simple changes are genius, and they have allowed so many women to now feel satisfied and confident in their skincare without spending a small fortune or feeling like they have to have a degree in dermatology to understand what product to use.

The founder states that she has an unlimited research budget because she does it herself for free. That alone is enough to give validity to the product line, and more specifically their top product: Luna Oil. There are too many companies that capitalize on products that are not high quality because they are only focused around the profits. This company, however, focuses on actually helping women and giving them what their skin truly needs with proven results. Anyone can make profit on inferior product, but it takes effort, care, and determination to create effective products that work, and that is exactly what Sunday Riley has accomplished.

Sunday Riley prides itself on supplying only the best product. They constantly reevaluate the needs of their client base for the purpose of continuing to fulfill the current needs and desires of the women who adore their products. This brand is not all hype; it really does deliver on what it claims. The product is superior to all of the products and brands that try to stand shoulder to shoulder with Sunday Riley, and all other brands fall short and cannot do what this brand can do. Everyone should start with trying the Luna Oil product. Watch the magical product transform your skin and never look back!

The Creativeness of Omar Boraie for The Aspire by Boraire Development

Omar Boraie came to America from Egypt in the mid-1960s to pursue a PhD chemistry degree and chose a different profession. He is a leader in the industry and the founder of Boraie Development, a property management and development limited liability company in New Jersey. His creativeness is visible in all properties he developed in New York, Atlantic City, Newark, and New Brunswick. One of his latest developments is The Aspire, an indulgent living establishment with accessibility to amenities, restaurants, spa, fitness center, and much more. New Brunswick is home to the full-service apartment community offering over-sized space units, swimming pool, and private parking.

Near the end of 2015, Boraire Development opened The Aspire leasing office and to fill the contemporary style and high-ceiling units. The property management company offers affordable prices to prospective residents, providing them a choice in floor plans and size. The vision of Omar and his sons was to design luxury apartments in a tower with large windows that provide lovely scenery of New Brunswick and its natural features. The full-service complex includes a fitness center, doorman, lobby with catering services, and a deck on the eighteen floor. Other amenities are high-definition televisions, pool table, and Wi-Fi.

The Aspire is the latest high-rise apartment building to come to New Brunswick and is now offering one and two-bedroom units. Each unit has a washer and dryer, hardwood floored living area and carpeted bedroom. In the kitchen there are stainless range, sink, refrigerator, and dishwasher, and an island for an extra counter space. The bathroom design is with stylish lighting fixtures, glass shower, cabinets, and faucets, which is in the master bedroom. Boraire Development visualized the units on the style of luxurious homes considering the height of the ceilings and windows.

Omar Boraire has strong business relationships and partnerships with leaders in Newark and other cities in NJ, including Shaquille O’Neal to work on several real estate projects, a theater, housing, commercial, and mall. In Atlantic City they completed a movie theater, housing tower, and retail complex; and joined forces to construct the first housing tower since the 1960s. O’Neal and Boraire has been partners for six years working on joint ventures to improve the impoverished areas. For three years, Boraie Development is notable in the community for offering reputable property management services. The company is a leader in the property management, sales, marketing, and development in New York and New Jersey.

Find out more about Boraie Development: https://magazine.rutgers.edu/insights/seeing-the-future


Peter Briger: Moving With Innovation

Peter Briger had a lengthy career when he worked at Goldman Sachs. He later joined in 2002 the powerful innovative company called Fortress Investment Group. He is in charge of the Credit division that has a strong focus when it comes to the real estate business and credit. Briger has been highly successful in his endeavors as he has reached the Forbes 400 as a long lasting member. He is recognized around the world as a global business professional that knows how to get things done. While working at Goldman Sachs he took on membership with the Asian management Global Control and Compliance, and Japan Executive committees. The work that he put in for debt vehicles and real estate was mainly in Asia. This key background skill-set gave Peter Briger the capabilities to help in Fortress’ buyout from a Japanese conglomerate in banking. Read the article at bizjournals.com to learn more about Peter Briger.

Peter Briger has an extensive background of sitting on the prestigious board of the Princeton University Investment company. He has always been an active supporter financially when it comes to the Central Park Conservancy. In addition to that, Peter Briger has spent his time helping and assisting the not for profit organization called Tipping Point. They are setup to serve families that are low income within the San Francisco area. His board attendance is also seen with Caliber School, a well known network among some of the best charter schools. His undergrad study of education is impressive with an M.B.A. from Wharton School of Business from the University of Pennsylvania.

Fortress Investment Group has managed nearly 43 billion in assets with an investor base that reached to 1,750 investors and growing. They have a main focus in permanent capital vehicles, private equity and hedge funds. The company lives by its strategy of “strong risk adjust returns’ for all investors that help them in the long term. The main headquarters are in New York with a staff that is well over 900 people. Inside their operations management, Fortress has crafted trendy tools where they know how to extract the value from most, if not all, of the investments they are engaged in.

Learn more: https://www.fortress.com/about


Ted Bauman’s Take on Apple Stock

Ted Bauman, an editor at Banyan Hill Publishing is an investment advisor. He is also the writer of Banyan Hill Publishing’s “The Bauman Letter” newsletter that offers pertinent advice on securing and preserving wealth. With his financial and investment background on stocks, he has devoted much of his time delving deeper into the performance of stocks of various companies.

Mr. Ted Bauman has a lot of reservations concerning Apple’s future. Despite the fact that the Apple stock is impressive currently, its future does not seem all that bright. According to this experience economist in an article, he wrote in his “The Bauman Letter” he says that consumers want innovative products from Apple. But on the contrary, the company’s growth has stagnated following the demise of its former Co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs which lead to a 6.5% overnight drop in earnings.

Ted does not dispute the fact that Apple is the world’s most profitable company owing to its iPhone line of business. He went on to point out that the company only controls a larger market in the United States, Japan, and the UK. In most countries, the Apple controls only between 12-25 % market share. In totality, its global market share is only 20%. Ted Bauman answers people’s most asked question on how Apple still manages to be profitable with such small market share. Mr. Ted explains that this is due to Apple’s pricing power. The brand is developed on the concept of unique experience. Most customers are willing to pay premium prices for this perceived pinnacle of quality.

The fall in market share for Apple according to Ted Bauman is due to its slowed brand value growth. Ted says that people buy products based on a company’s brand name. In this regard, a company’s pricing power depends on its brand name value. If the brand name drops, so does its pricing power decreases. This case applies to Apple.

In another likely bad move for Apple, the pricing of its new babes, MacBook Air, Mac Mini, and iPad Pro doesn’t seem right. The prices are extravagantly higher as these new products don’t seem much different from the previous versions. This shows that Apple sales are dropping and they are banking on the customers to be willing to pay premium prices for the Apple brand.

Apple is the first company to hit $1 Trillion capitalizations in NYSE this year. However, the stock plunged 18 percent in starting October. According to Ted Bauman, a company that relies on pricing power wealth alone is unstable. A stock that depends on brand power can plummet at the same rate it rises. In addition, Ted says that the returns also benefits goes to the capital owners alone and not employs who devote themselves to making the products. This creates inequality.

Ted’s parting word is for investors to watch the performance of Apple closely. His advice can’t be wrong. He is a seasoned investment advisor who looks at stocks from a keen eye with emotions aside. Bornover at Washington and raised in Maryland’s East Shore, Ted moved to the South Africa at a young age. He attended University of Cape Town. He has a postgraduate degree and History and Economics. During his stay in South Africa, he has held executive positions in different non-profit organization chiefly as the fund manager in the field of affordable housing projects.

In 2008, Mr. Bauman returned home and became the Director of International Programs. He started working for Banyan Hill Publishing on 2013 in an editor capacity for a couple of publications. Ted currently lives with his family in GA, Atlanta.

Gareth Henry Hedge Fund Recap

Gareth Henry writes this article, discussing hedge funds as a whole and the current trends we have seen in them in the last year, as well as what to expect from them in the near future. The article begins by saying that hedge funds are increasing in popularity right now. Investors are still hungry for the businesses, and that appetite is only growing. Hedge fund allocations have skyrocketed to almost 3 trillion US dollars, and has risen from 12 percent to 28 percent in a single year, a veritable leap. According to Gareth Henry, hedge funds are currently on par with many of the more popular private equities on the market in fact, in terms of investor equity, hedge funds are a single percentile behind private equity, which is the top alternative asset class. Gareth Henry also states that hedge funds and have finally overcome brutal misconceptions that resulted from the financial crisis last decade. The appeal of hedge funds is the massive returns that investors can expect when the properly invest, but this comes along with a equivalent amount of risk. During the crisis, these risks resulted in massive losses in value for a large majority of funds. Read more about Gareth Henry at EverybodyWiki

Gareth Henry then goes into detail on the origin of hedge funds. Hedging is a gambling term, a practice that allows a person to wager on several different outcomes in an effort to win something, even though you lose on your other bets. The fund got its name from buying stocks and holding them for “long and short.” He then states that a hedge fund can be specialized in all classifications of finance, but only accredited investors with either a lot of money, a lot of knowledge or a lot of both.

Gareth Henry then goes on to describe the reasons why hedge funds are becoming popular again. Incredibly, hedge fund investors that stuck with their funds during the financial crisis have seen a rise of their combined assets to 3 trillion dollars. The current stock market in the United States, as well as the Federal Reserve’s targeting high interest rates have seen an explosion of confidence among investors.

Learn more: https://www.bizjournals.com/newyork/potmsearch/detail/submission/6456995/Gareth_Henry