A Revolutionary New Healthy Coffee

Coffee has been around for most of modern history. It’s commonly the drink of choice for breakfast, lunch, and even dinner. Of course, coffee is delicious and pairs wonderfully with a variety of popular foods. However, coffee hasn’t traditionally been associated as “healthy.” That is, not until now.

Thanks to a revolutionary new product that’s called Organ Gold, coffee-lovers can enjoy additional benefits to drinking their favorite beverage. That’s because Organo Gold is changing both the coffee and the tea industry with its new combination of ingredients.

It boasts an infusion of an ancient Chinese herb, called Ganoderma Lucium, which dates back 4,000 years in Chinese tradition. Modern research has proven that antioxidants are an important anti-cancer and health promotion factor in our daily diets. Luckily, this ancient herb is an antioxidant and adaptogen all in one. It works with the body’s natural chemistry to promote healthy functioning.

Organo Gold has been said to help people improve when suffering from the following afflictions:

Low energy
High blood pressure
High cholesterol
Kidney dysfunction
Liver dysfunction

If the purported health benefits aren’t enough, there are also a variety of delicious flavors to choose from. It seems that nowadays everyone has their own idea of what their coffee should taste like. Organ Gold offers something for everyone.

Organo Gold was founded in 2008 in Vancouver, Canada. It sells certified organic coffee and also a variety of personal products. It proudly operates in over 35 countries around the world.

Bernardo Chua is the founder and CEO of Organo Gold. He is well known for delivering quality products to consumers everywhere while providing a great opportunity for his associates to earn a living while marketing these products.

Bernardo Chua is the recipient of the prestigious Dangal ng Bayan award due to his efforts in the industry. His company, Organo Gold, also received more than one People’s Choice Award. These prestigious Dangal ng Bayan awards were founded in the Philippines by the National Consumer Affairs Foundation to give recognition to companies and individuals who act as positive role models through commerce in their industries. Chua was also honored as “Outstanding Global Entrepreneur.”

As an extension of Chua’s ambitions, the Facebook shows that Organo Gold promotos a lifestyle of health and longevity. It offers various products offering the prized Ganoderma Lucidium, which is a mushroom that contains antioxidant properties and has been encouraged by practitioners of Chinese medicine for hundreds of years.  Bernardo Chua has seen Organo Gold build up all over the world, and even most recently into Turkey.  That’s what comes with providing a high quality product that resonates with people everywhere.

What Dog Food Do Vets Recommend?

Though there are many brands of dog food on the market, there’s much consumer confusion over which brands are the healthiest. Many people are also under the impression that raw meat is the healthiest dog food, because they feel it’s what their animal’s wolf ancestors would have eaten in the wild. However, this is a myth. Wolves eat a combination of meat, grains and plants in the wild. They’re actually omnivores; and only 70% of their diet consists of meat. In fact, this type of healthy omnivorous balance is only available in one popular store brand, Beneful.

You can sometimes find a combination of meat, veggies and grains in other boutique dog food brands like Blue Buffalo, Petfresh and others. However, when you are able to locate brands like this, they’re typically too expensive for the average pet owner to afford; when you consider how much food your dog eats on average. Sometimes these more expensive brands will only adequately feed your dog for something like $3 or more per serving. That really adds up when you could be feeding your dog healthier for less than $1 per serving with a brand like Beneful.

You can mix wet and dry foods or just feed your dog one or the other at various servings. It doesn’t matter. Overall, you will save money over expensive brands when you buy Beneful.

A recent article discussed the fact that most consumers want their dogs to eat healthier. Going organic has become a trend in pet care, the same as it’s become a trend for self care. Many new dog food brands feature ingredients we’ve never seen before in dog food like:

-Freeze dried blueberries and cranberries,



-Green beans,


-Game birds,

-Pacific catch fish, and


In addition, you will find many formulas geared toward individual pet health. Therefore, in addition to puppy and adult recipes, you’ll also find recipes that will help to:

-Improve senior dog health,

-Encourage weight loss and healthy weight management,

-Support energy and play in active dogs, and

-Original recipes that encourage general health and nutrition

Brands like Beneful, Blue Buffalo, Petfresh and some organic brands will feature these ingredients and recipe styles.


George Soros Reveals Lack of Preparedness in EU Crisis

In 1783, the United States started to develop its new political and economic system. 209 years later, the European Union (EU) developed its own example of the United States. Unfortunately, George Soros 2008 prediction may have revealed that the EU was not as prepared for political-economic crises as the United States was.

“Like Gold Tested in Fire”

In 1917, as Europeans continued a horrible World War fighting inch-by-inch across mud-filled fields in Belgium, they welcomed the American “Dough Boys” to give them much-needed help. While the Europeans had been forced to ration basic consumer goods and were thin, the American soldiers were stocky and well-fed. Hershey’s even used the opportunity to promote its new chocolate candy bar. Europeans started to yearn for the prosperity that America had achieved.

Local and state governments in the United States largely have “balanced budget” requirements. They are not allowed to run high deficits. Only the federal government is permitted to run large deficits to fund wars through United States Treasury bonds.

“European Members Run High Budget Deficits”

A recurring grievance in the European Union has been over budget deficits. Initially, the European Union sought to establish the Maastrict Treaty ceiling of deficits of 3% of GDP. Unfortunately, in 2003, when Germany and France overshot that limit, the European Union headquarters in Belgium allowed them to violate this guideline without any fine, rebuke or penalty.

Naturally, the other member states of the European Union took note. One of the tried-and-true maxims of politics is that if politicians are allowed to “kick the can down the road” by running deficits, they will. In the long run, this can destroy a currency.

With numerous member states running deficits and using the same currency, pricing becomes an issue. The Euro is supposed to represent all of the nations, but each nation continued to follow its own cultural norms. In 2008, this untenable situation collapsed.

“George Soros Supports American Response to Crisis”

In 2008, George Soros responded to the crisis with his book: The New Paradigm for Financial Markets – The Credit Crisis of 2008 and What it Means. While the United States Federal Reserve stepped in immediately to save the banks, the European Central Bank hesitated. It did not allow for the debt to be renegotiated.

America was prepared for crisis, Europe was not.

Barry Eichengreen said “[i]n the euro zone, what is feasible is not desirable, and what is desirable increasingly looks infeasible.” Europe seemed stuck. Each member state had a slightly different problem and it could not develop a policy that made everyone happy. George Soros 2008 prediction was a warning that the global economic crisis will worsen if it is not fixed.

Status Labs Offers the World and Gains a Lot of Business

In a report released towards the end of 2015, Status Labs has shown that it has grown in by 939 percent in just 3 years of it being in business. In the yea of 2015 alone, Status Labs has signed more than 160 clients for industries such as philanthropy, finance, politics, beauty, healthcare and other categories for business. One other thing about Status Labs is that they are able to offer any type of problem in digital communications. However, it is important to know what makes them successful in the first place. Fortunately, Status Labs is willing to share one of its secrets to success.

One thing that Status Labs does in order to gain success is that it offers the world. Many successful businessmen understand that their clients and customers go to them in order to get something from them. They get something from the company and they offer the company money in order for it to continue to offer the products and services that it has. Among the people that expect the world are journalists. Therefore, when talking to journalists, they offer the world and beyond. They make sure to honor their requests within the time frame that is agreed upon so that they gain the trust of their clients.

It is important for Status Labs to be able to present a high quality job in a timely manner so that they will not only retain their clients, but they will also gain new clients because of the word of mouth going around. Among the content that is needed for a successful campaign is a good picture and accurate information. One thing that clients look for is something that will make their lives easier.

Status Labs is in the field that makes life easier for their customers, and they excel at it. Their clients have experienced their business working in their favor. Many people who have been served by Status Labs have seen their business turn around for the better. Their improved reputations make it easier for the clients to profit from their business. They consider their time with Status Labs to be worth the investment.

George Soros and the Principles of EU

As part of the interview that has been released on NYBooks, George Soros has talked about the principles of the EU as well as the coming collapse of it. Angela Merkel has opened up her country of Germany in order to allow refugees to come in. Among the many issues that are being faced is hostility to the principles of the European Union. During the interview, George Soros has not only described some of the principles of EU, but his opinion on what it stands for. He also believes that Angela Merkel is the one that could ultimately solve the issue with the EU.

One thing that George Soros points out on CNBC that the principles of EU are a very close with the principles of an open society. He has noticed things upon first getting involved with his region about the Soviet Union and the European Union which was starting to emerge at the time. One thing he noticed was that they had a lot to do with internal governance. The Soviet Union was an exercise on the attempt to bring together the proletarians while the EU worked towards integration. Things have changed a lot since those times.

The Soviet Union has eventually fallen and Russia has replaced it. Nationalism has dominated the European Union which resulted in the ideals of open society being done away with for the time being. While the EU was formed with the idea of it being an opportunity of equals to associate with each other, the crisis has caused it to become and interaction between creditors and debtors. The creditors are of course in control of the deal while the debtors just have to accept everything as is. As a result, there is no equality in this setup. The problem with migration has also aggravated the issue, putting the EU at risk.

George Soros is one person who sees the issue and is hoping that it gets resolved and soon. Along with the other problems that have emerged as a result of certain choices, it is vital that Germany takes over and finds a solution to the crisis. This requires a plan that is comprehensive on account of the EU in response to the crisis. This is going to also involve the reassertion of governance over people who seek refuge so that the transition is safe and orderly. The plan would have to extend beyond Europe’s borders as well.

Those Who Want Plastic Surgery Should Choose Dr. Jennifer Walden

Many people believe that beauty is only in the eyes of the holder, but some who are looking at their own beauty may not see the beauty that others around them see. It’s easy for a person to criticize their nose, their hips, their thighs, their breasts, or even their face, especially when a person is confronted with the standards of what beauty is today. There doesn’t have to be any good reason for a person to want plastic surgery; they may just simply want to see a different person in the mirror or better-looking features in the mirror, and plastic surgery may help a person feel better about themselves. Although it’s not for others to judge how a person should look or feel about their looks, many people do it all the time.

It’s best for those who are interested in plastic surgery to make the decision for themselves, and the next step should be to look for a surgeon that is qualified to conduct the procedures that are needed. Not every plastic surgeon can conduct all the procedures that are in the plastic surgery world today, but Dr. Jennifer Walden performs many kinds of plastic surgeries. Any part of the body that requires surgery is likely a surgery that Dr. Jennifer Walden performs. A person may need a facelift, rhinoplasty, fat transfer, liposuction, or a tummy tuck, and Dr. Jennifer Walden can perform these surgeries.

Every plastic surgery is delicate and should be performed by a well-trained doctor that is board-certified, which is what Dr. Jennifer Walden is. Not only is Dr. Jennifer Walden a top Texas doctor but she also has had a very high success rate with her surgeries, and her patients are constantly leaving great feedback, which can be seen on her website. Along with patient testimonies, it’s possible to see before and after pictures on Dr. Jennifer Walden’s website as well. Since it’s understandable that many are interested in knowing what procedures will take place during plastic surgery, Dr. Jennifer Walden has listed some information on her website about the procedures she performs and the aftereffects.

The Fluctuating Commodity Prices in the Capital Market

Over the years, financial stability has been the center of development for many countries across the world. Institutions and companies globally have invested in different types of business with the aim of boosting economic growth. As such, prices of different types of commodities and goods have stabilized in the recent years thus offering fair competition. In a recent release by Forbes indicates how the flat stock market of 2015 has boosted business development of prospects for 2016. This has provided a level playing ground that people will use as an investment opportunity to boost their business in 2016. Uncertain growth and volatility has brought about focusing on risk assessment. Through this process, people are able to weigh the risks involved in venturing into any type of business. This provides the required insight and gains to be made in the development of business opportunities.

The fluctuating prices of the oil prices have been seen as the best indicators of business development in 2016. The falling prices of oil have raised uncertainty on how the prices could fall even further in 2016 thus raising some economic fear. The 2015 low returns have also led to increase worry on the outcome of returns in 2016. This is because entrepreneurs are basing on the current market structures to gauge what will come in 2016. However, many people thought that investment in the 2015 would provide them with better ideas on how the market was fairing on and how to tap into the opportunities of 2016. As such, many investors have chosen to invest in safe stocks with the aim of getting good results in 2016.

However, other individual have continued to invest successfully despite the potential risk posed by the surging economic situation. James Dondero is one of the leading investment management icons that have scaled the heights to provide investment opportunities that have been emulated by many people. Jim Dondero is the President And Chief Executive Officer of Highland Capital Management. This is worldwide investment management firm with its headquarters in Dallas, United States of America.

After graduating from the University of Virginia, Jim Dondero sharpened his investment management skills when he first joined Protective Life Subsidiary as a chief investment officer. Here, he led the company in acquiring a profit of over 2billion dollars as the chief investment officer which added a lot in his portfolio of great success. This has been the success story that made the James Dondero shine in his subsequent appointments.

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Advances in AI and visual Search to Improve Searching on the Web

Advances in AI have made it possible to shop and search by the use of images. Advancement in technology has led to the innovation of software that can recognize the picture. Shoes.com and Pinterest have invested in the software and testing its effects on shoppers. Users of Pinterest can search for products on the internet by selecting a part of an image. There have been a lot of things that have been changed by the web in the past 20 years. However, the text search box has remained constant. Typing text in the pixilated oblongs has remained a way of how people interact with mobile applications and websites.

Recent technological advancements in image recognition software have been used to challenge typing. Online footwear retailers such as shoes.com and social networks such as Pinterest are conducting tests of new ways of searching for things on the web by using images. Using images to search for products is advancement in technology that most people could never imagine.

Both Pinterest and shoes.com have adopted a technique by the name ‘deep learning’, which enables the software to match items on certain benchmarks to ensure they recognize images. The technique powers photo organization service and Google’s image search it launched earlier this summer. Pinterest’s visual search tool enables you to select by drawing a box on a part of an item available in the service. After choosing a part of an image, it identifies similar items on the web.

Earlier this summer, Pinterest introduced a buy button on the pictures that are searched using this method. The system used by Pinterest has learned ways to understand images by drawings done on the text that people attach to photos that are shared on their service.

Slyce is another improved visual search solution that enables people to search for items on the web by use of images. Customers located in any part of the world can activate and such for anything they can touch and see. The leadership team at Slyce works tirelessly to improve visual search technology. Slice is responsible for bringing innovations that will shape the future of commerce and internet use. They also work to ensure they set the bar higher for setting improved standards for engaging customers.

Slyce works in an amazing way. Once you pick an image, a coupon, QR code or barcode is extracted, and the information is returned to shoppers instantly. A photo available in the media is compared to your image and gives a match on yours. Dozens of attributes such as color, style, uniqueness and pattern of your image are analyzed to provide an equivalent of the item you are searching for.

McGalla leads new line of Steeler clothing

The Pittsburgh Steelers have announced a new line of clothing, and a new website that will make it even easier for fans to purchase attire related to their favorite football team. The move is being led by team director of planning and marketing, Susan McGalla. “We want to make it easy, quick on any device you want to shop,” she said. It is a lot more than just jerseys of your favorite player. The new fashion line will include Pandora Jewelry with Steeler charms and accessories. Some big fashion brand names have gotten involved too, such as Tommy Bahama, Nike Golf and Victoria’s Secret. There is also more pink for younger girls, as well as neon yellow and different shades of gold. McGalla said on wikinvest the idea is to take sport into the street. She said with this line of clothing people can dress up or down and still make a Steeler statement. The Steeler logo can be huge or understated, to fit any situation. McGalla has a long history in the retail business, and has had a lot of marketing success. She is a former CEO of both American Eagle Outfitters and Wet Seal. She led the way in developing a line of women’s clothing while at American Eagle. She grew up in Pennsylvania with a football coach for a father, as well as a couple of brothers. She understands football, and matching that with her fashion marketing background is a natural. McGalla said she wants to listen to fans and give them what they want. She said they are meeting with fans in focus groups and expanding ways to use social media with getting fans connected. She hopes to make clothing fit the lifestyles of people, whether its men who want something to wear to wear to work, or women who want to by stylish and look feminine while making a statement about their team. One innovation she has added is “wear what they wear,” on the website. There fan can shop for the same material that players and coaches actually wear. She said things like making the same sweatshirts players wear available is important to fans.

Facts About Brad Reifler You Never Knew

Brad Reifler has many years experience in matters related to investing and running successful businesses. During his career, he has worked with many different companies in the United States and after spending most of his early days working his way to the top, he is currently the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Forefront Capital, LLC. His professional independent career started in the early 1980’s when he started a trading company named after him. The firm managed millions in discretionary accounts and proceeded to disseminate information based on institutional research.  They’ve also been one of the most prominent investment efforts to focus on lower income individuals.

His firm Reifler Trading Company became one of the biggest independent futures firms of that time and he sold it to Refco Inc, one of the largest futures companies in the world. Before selling his company, he had managed to establish himself as an individual with a positive reputation in offering professional financial advice globally. In 1995, he started Pali Capital that was a broker dealing with matters related to the equity and financial markets. He also managed to capture the expansion and development in hedge funds when he came up with a very unique strategy that did not advice on which commodities to buy or sell but rather took the trader’s idea and combined them with derivative structures and credit structures.

Currently, all his focus is on Forefront Capital that also owns several other subsidiaries, and is always introducing new ways to capitalize on the markets. Being the Founder, he gives the firm all his attention. Since starting the firm, he has worked hard to create highly unique product offerings. His firm is also unique in the fact that it has had the ability to attract investment advisers that are registered and well respected. Brad definitely knows how to treat his clients right, his long professional track record shows as much. Forefront Capital has already established itself as a company that can be relied on when matters related to ensuring that clients get the very best financial markets advice and information are concerned.  Follow Brad on Twitter to see his further updates about his career and the world of finance.