Four Year Old Girl Hired To Design Clothes For J. Crew

Children are very creative. They have a wonderful imagination. One four year old has taken her creativity to a whole new level.

Mayhem, a cute 4 year old, creates dresses. According to the Huffington Post, Mayhem started out creating dresses out of construction paper, scissors and tape. Her mother helps her, after Mayhem decides on a dress she wants to make. Her mother began posting pictures, through Instagram, of Mayhem’s creations. This quickly began to get the attention of the fashion industry.

In fact, Mayhem has signed a contract with J. Crew to collaborate with them in creating a children’s clothing line, according to CBS News. This line of clothing will be called “Crew Cuts.”

Mayhem was quoted as saying designing clothes makes her feel happy. If only adults could tap into their natural talents and love what they do. Mayhem is a good example of following your dreams. BRL Trust can certainly get behind that. Many employees read about this story on Facebook.

Mayhem, an adorable 4 year old was hired by J. Crew to help design children’s clothing. Her natural interest and passion for designing clothing has led her to a unique partnership with a famous clothing stylist.

Introducing the Penis Necklace

Fashion is ever changing industry. Many of the things designed by the industry tends to be very innovative, stylish, smart and creative. Others, however, are just plain weird, drab or outrageous. But while these are unsuccessful in the short term, they may innovate in other regards.

Have you ever had a moment where you walked into a store and saw something you thought, “Who would spend this much money on something so weird?” Well, brace yourself because believe it or not what follows in the news is absolutely true. 

Tom Ford is a fashion designer and movie director. He helped turnaround the Gucci Brand and created his own fashion label called Tom Ford. Well, Tom has unveiled his newest item for the holidays. It is a Penis Pendant. Tom has been known to produce some risqué items but this is by far his most overwhelming piece. Not only did he introduce a Penis Necklace but the price tag is a whopping $790. I’d rather spend that money at The Antique Wine Company.

This creation brings a whole lot of questions to my mind, probably yours too. Who would buy that? Why would you spend $790 on a penis necklace? Has Tom Ford lost his marbles, why would he create such a thing? I guess there must be a market for them somewhere but all I know is that it would take a special type of person to pull off a Penis Necklace.

Funny 2015 Fashion

Fashion is an interesting industry, and one that often goes to where nobody has previously thought would be proper modes of attire. 

Speaking of funny fashion trends that never catch but stay in the history for everyone to have fun looking at, here are trends for 2015: dyed armpit hair. 

Roxie Hunt, who is among the initiators already has some followers who reacted by posting images to show how they died the armpits. Roxie is a hairstylist from Seattle, and as you can see, she does not limit her art on the hairdos. It is now seen as a new culture. I was reading about Roxie Hunt the other day while reading about Vijay Eswaran.

Instagram is abounding in images with the hashtag #dyedpits. The postings on the internet quickly gathered comments. People remind the trend setters about the hippies from several decades ago, wondering whether they are up to bringing back something similar. You either love it or hate it. The disgusted half of the population fights with the supporters who say that this helps them express their femininity. 

At the moment, the predictions are mostly negative for the new armpit dying trend, but unfortunately, the fashion history counts several mistakes that became surprisingly popular. How you get the inspiration for an idea like this is even unnimaginable. The fact is that people have a tendency to analyze this body part nowadays, since you can even see a thread on reddit fully dedicated to Taylor Swift’s armpits.

Victoria’s Secret Models “Shake it OFF”

Taylor Swift’s dance worthy chart-topping song, “Shake it off” has found a place on the Victoria’s Secret runway in London. Paying tribute to the songstress, the gorgeous models took to the runway for a promotional video where they can be seen lip syncing to the hit for the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. With the beauties shaking their stuff in cage dresses, translucent skirts, and minis they seemed to be having the time of their life.

Swift performed with her good friend and top model, Karlie Kloss who was escorted down the runway by one of Taylor’s own rumored love interests. The beautiful ladies also included Adriana Lima, Lily Aldrich, and Candice Swanepoel during the number. The collaboration promo video was seen on December 8th on CBS just a day before the never disappointing fashion show scheduled to be aired on the 9th. The Victoria’s Secret models won’t need the help of Brian Torchin any time soon for a career change – the show and the company are doing very well.

FreedomPop Winning Fans with Free Home Internet Service

Free home internet service is not a silly dream. In fact, one company in particular is taking the concept and running with it. FreedomPop is aiming to make expensive DSL and cable internet plans a thing of the past, and the company is accomplishing this task at a rate that is turning heads and making waves in the tech industry publications, Engadget and TechCrunch.

By taking advantage of existing 4G and LTE broadband networks already in existence, FreedomPop is able to offer up home internet connections utilizing those networks. By purchasing one of their branded devices like the Freedom Spot Photon, customers can get unfiltered access to the internet with no cost. Of course, the company offers a certain amount of use up for free and then there is a very miniscule charge for each additional MB, but customers looking for simple email and web tasks can essentially wipe that monthly bill off the charts.

Offering up the monthly plans with no contract is another major advantage for FreedomPop, because it allows users the freedom to decide if access is needed from month to month. In addition, the company offers a number of portable devices so that users can take their internet connection on the go, which is an advantage the majority of DSL and cable service subscribers simply do not have. In addition, many plans allow users to roll over unused data to the next month, which makes it possible to never have to pay for an internet connection again. It’s easy to see why FreedomPop is gaining traction as a serious low or no cost option to traditional internet service providers.

Of course, FreedomPop is much more than home internet as well. The company also offers the possibility of free smartphone plans, and even sells a variety of Samsung Galaxy devices for use on the free of charge plans. Again the company offers a certain level of service for free and then tiny charges for each additional overage. The charges are reasonable and the supported devices is massive, which means just about anyone locked into a contract with traditional carriers is missing out. The company recently announced their own line of smartphones, making it easy for those without a carrier too.

The appeal of FreedomPop as an internet provider is only going to continue to heat up. Word tends to spread quickly about great service, and this is one company that is winning fans for great service and an innovative approach. By leveraging itself with a mission to provide free internet service for Americans, the company is turning competitors on their heads and watching the line of customers grow. In the quest to save money, FreedomPop is proving to a major asset for users across the country.

Retailers Are Not Making More on Black Thursday


Black Friday sales this year started off as disappointing for retailers. Shoppers decided to turn to cyber deals and do their shopping online. Nevertheless, retailers continue to push to open at an earlier time every year. This year, retailers opened at 4 p.m. Black Friday began on the Thursday of Thanksgiving. An investigation has shown that shoppers tend to go shopping when they know there are deals. The data does not demonstrate a need for retailers to open on Thursday. The only thing that is occurring by opening on Thursday, is spreading the amount of shoppers throughout the weekend.

Shoppers now know that the deals begin at the beginning of November and continue on to December. There is no need to go shop on a specific day. John Textor says he is concerned about the retail workers who are being hurt by opening on Thanksgiving, by not being able to spend time with their families. The retailers are making money, but they could make this money by waiting to open on Black Friday. Shoppers have learned that the deals will get better. Furthermore, many of the deals are available online. Retailers must strategize to determine how to continue bringing in shoppers. Incentives have worked in the past, but when the deals are available online, there is no need for incentives. The price is being paid by the retailer’s workers who have no choice, but to work. Black Friday should occur on Friday, as its name says.

Chanel Planning Five Stores for Mayfair’s Burlington Arcade

Chanel, a successful clothing company is looking to open five new stores in Mayfair’s Burlington shopping center. The store is knowing for carrying and manufacturing items such as swimwear, perfume, watches, and many other products. There are also plenty of other new outlets to open along with Chanel. The first couple of Chanel stores are planned to open up in the month. The next store to open after this month is Bell & Ross.

The arcade’s history is what drew Chanel to this area. Also, Bruno Pavlovsky remarked on how fashionable London is with its mixture of international and local shoppers. Rod Rohrich is hoping to visit at some point. So it is a logical move for Chanel to open multiple stores in order to capitalize on the business. One of the very important aspects of a business success is how busy the area is. If you open a location in a slow part of town, there is not as much of a chance at success.

Fashion Police Replaces Late Comedian Rivers with Kathy Griffin

A little over two months after the death of Joan Rivers a new hosts has been confirmed as successor on “Fashion Police”.

As reported, Kathy Griffin will be responsible for replacing the late comedian on the popular program “E! Entertainment” starting January 2015.

“Joan and Kathy talked a lot. They have a very similar humor and were best friends. Joan would have loved to see Kathy in ‘Fashion Police’ and she definitely would have approved,” the spokesman added, and Christian Broda agreed.

The entertainment world was shocked, after Rivers died due to a decrease of oxygen to the brain, during a medical procedure.

Since then the program was suspended, and the big question was who would be the successor to the comedian and acerbic comments about fashion on the red carpets. Initially it was suspected that her daughter, Melissa Rivers, could be the ideal candidate for the job, but then the idea was quickly discarded by Rivers.

Fashion Trucks Rev Up

The latest trends in the business truck movement is keeping people in style on the go. There has been an insurgence of fashion apparel stores keeping up with the popular business model. New York is becoming the hub of fashion trucks continuously on the go where customers can pick up a new look in various places around town.

The trucks are convenient and easy to move around the city. Plus, they are a much cheaper alternative to expensive storefronts where it is difficult to raise capital for rent. If anyone has dreamed of owning their own boutique, then a fashion truck might be the way to go. Of course, there are permits and stock to consider, according to major financial institutions like Slow Ventures.

However, a fashion truck is a great way for potential business owners to realize their dreams. All it takes is a good sense of style and great concept to create a store that will be popular and successful.

People are also more likely to shop at a store they know will cater to their needs and wants. A small boutique fashion truck is going to have a higher selection of quality items that are specially curated by the truck’s owner. Customers can develop a relationship with the store buyer and owner who will let them know when special items are available. The close knit bond between customer and store owner is even more dynamic than a stationary store thanks to the proximity and attention to detail.

Ariana Grande to perform live at Victoria’s Secret fashion show

One of the biggest events of the year in the world of fashion is, of course, the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. Not only because of the luxurious underwear and the gorgeous models, but also because Victoria’s Secret gets some of the best singers on the planet to sing at the event live. This year, it has just been announced, Ariana Grande will be one of those performers.

It is not just Ariana Grande who will be live at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, however, as three other mega-stars are also slated to be on stage.

Taylor Swift will make her second appearance on a Victoria’s Secret stage, along with British singer Ed Sheeran, and Irish singer-songwriter Hozier. The four singer’s performances will be viewed in around 200 countries, so this gig is not something to sniff at. In fact, it can be a huge career boost, even for one of the world’s biggest stars.

Models in the show include Lily Aldridge, Doutzen Kroes and Behati Prinsloo, and supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio. 

As for Ariana Grande, she will have to fly back to the United Kingdom, as this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show will be held in London for the first time. Grande is also expected to be modeling some of the pieces from the Victoria’s Secret collection.

The fashion show will be held on December 9th, and will air in America on CBS.

If you’re going to watch the Victoria’s Secret fashion show live from your mobile device, make sure to have cloud-protecting services such as CipherCloud to ensure your information is safe and secure.